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Mystique Interior Design and Decorating Sydney

Hotel Refurbishment & Custom Made Furniture

Commercial Furniture Design & Hotel Refurbishment

The main draw for any hotel is its interior design along with the list of amenities that it has to offer. Over time, the interior architecture and arrangements of the hotel may need to be refurbished in order to retain your valuable customers.

Contrary to common belief, hotel refurbishment can be very cost effective with a great potential of providing excellent results. Any additions such as new commercial furniture and furnishing, specialist equipment and fixtures, basement remodeling, carport conversions, fencing, wall painting and other aesthetic changes can prove to be a wise investment in the long run. Through hotel refurbishing services you can give a new look to your hotel and boost revenue by fetching the attention of more clients.

Commercial Furniture Design Sydney & Custom Made Furniture

Your furniture is an investment just like your home or the car that you drive. Come to think of it, you tend to shell out a lot of money on commercial furniture at your local department store but after a couple of years, the pieces start to fall apart. In the end, you're simply wasting your hard-earned money on something that's not going to last. So it's about time that you consider buying custom-made furniture instead.

With custom-made,commercial furniture, you are actually paying for quality and durability. You also get the opportunity to specify exactly what you want for the spot in your home where you know the piece will fit and look great with an amazing furniture design. Another advantage of a customised furniture design is that you are virtually guaranteed that no one else is going to have it! With custom-made furniture design, you can proudly say that it is a one of a kind. More importantly, you get a piece that you really like because you had a hand in its creation and design.